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  • Code works .....sometimes

    I'm using the uLCD-35DT display with the arduino uno. I'm also using Vis-genie to manage the GUI development. My forms , two at this point, seem to be working fine. I am able to move from form0 to form1 using a button event to each form. Problem is, my other the buttons seem to work once and then there is NO response after that, ie no event seems to be recognized. Also, when the button is pressed, and the digitalLED output is displayed, it seems to take a second or more for the update to the digitalLED to up date and after that, no other button presses are doing anything.

    I close but these little bugs are killing.... any ideas?

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    You could try using the new genieArduino library if you are not already using it. It can be downloaded from here

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      Hi Dakman,

      As Paul said, try the new library, but typically the cause of what you have described is noted in the Sticky post at the top of the Arduino section, here:

      Are you using reset logic at the start of your project?
      The new library should make this all much easier, but that is typically what causes slow performance and delayed reactions or non response, is lack of reset logic, so the devices are not in sync.