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  • Horizontally scrolling screen

    I'm just starting out here. When I initially power up the module (OLED-160-G2) I get a horizontally scrolling/wrapping screen with version numbers etc. I assume that's the default (from the factory) "splash screen". It's annoying because I can't even read the text because it's moving so fast. Nonetheless, I am able to set up SPE and use RealTerm to send commands to the unit successfully: clear screen and then send a short text string. The text string gets displayed ok, in the upper left corner, and stays there for about 5 seconds, but then it starts doing the same horizontal scrolling/wrapping as the splash screen. My text scrolls to the right and then wraps around back to the start of the line, repeating forever. What's with this scrolling/wrapping thing? How do I stop it so I can have a normal non-moving text display? I can't find anything in the documentation that talks about this. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum,

    You can disable the screen saver in workshop by starting a new project choosing your display, then click on Serial as your programming environment. Next click on File then Options and then the Serial Tab. You will see a box saying Goldelox Screen Saver Settings. If you set the 5000 to 0, it will be disabled. Then click OK.

    You will the have to reflash your display with SPE, Click on Home and then the Tools tab, the click on SPE Load.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards



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      Thanks. I know it must be obvious to you, but it would be helpful if the documentation explained that what looks like a "splash screen" to a novice actually is the "screen saver".


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        Have a look in Section 5.9.4-5.9.6 of the Serial command reference.

        The splash screen is what is the default displayed with SPE, the screen saver is the movement that begins after a period of inactivity.

        If you have an OLED display, the best idea is to retain the screen saver and use a timeout period that works with your application, so as to prevent burnin of the display