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Hello noob here!!! Need help getting started (Mac OSX 10.10.5)

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  • Hello noob here!!! Need help getting started (Mac OSX 10.10.5)

    Some questions....
    i bought the 4duino starter pack ...
    I am "coding on mac" and i tried to upload the exampels from my computer to the 4duino....
    when i connect it with my smartphone usb charger it recoginizes the port.. it is the same that i use for my genuino uno...
    i can upload things but it doesnt change the interface of the 4duino... it tried to unplug and plug it in again (the usb) but with no sucess....
    when i use the uUSB-PA5 programming adaptor it doesnt recoginze the port....
    am i bound to windows to do this?
    i tried to use wine for the Workshop programm but it is 64 bit... is there a 32 bit version?
    are there any usbdrivers for mac i need to install to get the programming adaptor working?
    for the future:
    is it possible to send data from the 4duino display to my genuino uno and to eveluate the data and from my genuino uno to the 4duino display?
    is it possible to make own graphics for the 4duino display and to upload them? (with programms like blender)
    am i bound to the workshop programm?
    is there a usb driver for ubuntu studio (linux)?
    my idea is to develop a tiny controller for my genuino uno...
    sorry for so much questions... i am new to all this... but i have experience in max,pure data and jsfx(coding language of reaper) ....
    i hope you can help me..
    otherwise i have to find another solution.. :D

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    Welcome to the forum.

    It is possible to use workshop on a Mac using a VM running windows or using parallels but I beleive it is quite a task. The 4Duino is quite hard to setup on the Mac with workshop as the USB port changes during an upload.

    The 4Duino is programmed via the USB port so there is no need to use the uUSB-PA5 in normal circumstances.

    It is possible to send data from the Uno to the 4Duino. In most circumstances you can use the 4Duino on its own as it has it's own Arduino. The Uno code should run on the 4Duino with little or no modification.

    It is possible to make your own graphics for the 4Duino but you will still need workshop to convert them to .GCI & .DAT files to put on the SD card.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards



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      thank you for the fast response.... will see if i do this with windows... will you add mac support one day ?


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        The Mac should work, I think you just need to attach the USB devices to the windows VM.


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          you mean like parrales desktop or bootcamp?


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            Well, yeah, they should work, but Wine should too, if you need to use Workshop.

            But if you just need the arduino and are simply using the SPE interface then you won't need Workshop and should be able to do everything on the Mac.

            Of to put it another way, In Workshop the two options offered for an Arduino project are 'Basic Graphics' and 'Extended graphics'. Basic graphics you will be able to do just fine on a Mac by itself. Extended graphics, which uses Workshop to generate the graphics required will require that you run Workshop on the Mac, using Parallels, or bootcamp, or wine, or whatever.


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              ah ok....
              but wine isnt supporting 64 bit... it is still in development for mac...


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                Sorry, forgot to add, Workshop is 32 bit


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                  ah ok perfect!!! so i will try!! thank you for your help...