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SD card required?

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  • SD card required?

    I have my display hooked up to PC via one of the gen4-PA USB adapters. When compiling and loading through WS4, I also have to transfer files via sd card? Isn't that why we have the PA? It is telling me the "files must be copied via sd card and cannot be copied through display for performance reasons". Heh? Last I checked, you could transfer files over serial. What am I missing?

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    This is done for performance issues. You are correct, this could be done serially but image file size can be anything from a small amount of kilobytes to 3.7 gigabytes so the time taken to transfer this serially can be extremely long and a lot longer than just taking the SD card out and inserting into a card reader in the PC.

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      I guess that is the annoyance. I am learning the display and only have a few buttons in the UI. It would be nice if the program would handle the transfer up to some size.
      Also, I would rather wait for the transfer than take a card in and out. Maybe a future option to choose in WS4?


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        So this would also mean that I can't remotely update the display? I send updates to my clients periodically with bug fixes, new features, etc. These displays are mounted and the panels never opened. I need to be able to package and upload via command line over serial as part of an auto update...completely unattended by the user. Is this not possible?


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          Looks like this has been answered...