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  • proper reset procedure

    I am using a uVGAIII via serial interface as a text display for a homebrew 6502 computer. The computer cold resets way faster than the uVGA does, so I need a way to ascdrtain that the uVGA is ready before I try to send it commands.

    I have considered a simple 3 second delay at start-up, but am wondering if there is a way to "ask" the uVGA if its ready. I thought about sending a command to set the resolution over and over again, until I get the proper 0x06 response, but it occurs to me that if the uVGA starts paying attention mid-command, things would get messy.

    That kinda leads me to a related question. What tells the uVGA that a given byte received is the beginning of a command?

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    question, are you using genie? the new library doesnt care when it starts, itll work when its ready, if your doing your own protocol in visi, youll need to handle the sync or reset it but dont write until 3+ seconds, depends on code size


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      There isn't a command as such to tell the uvga, this is the beginning of a command. The uvga will be waiting for bytes from serial the first 2 being the type of command that is being issued. As you say, mid command might cause it to be out of sync. As tonton says, the best solution would be a delayed start of 3 seconds to be sure.

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