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    Hi Tim,

    That is awesome. Thank you for letting me know, very nice work



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      I've tried using this but can't get my qrudino code to compile. Using

      genie.WriteObject(GENIE_MAGIC_OBJECT, 0, 1);

      I get a compile error,
      GENIE_MAGIC_OBJECT' was not declared in this scope.

      I've tried using both versions of the arduino library (the regular one and the beta).

      Am I missing something obvious or should I be doing it another way to write to magic object ?


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        Ok so I've been through and looked at the code for the librarys, as well as compared the output from GTX tool while writing to the magic object. It seems it is using object ID 22.

        So I have changed from using:
        genie.WriteObject(GENIE_MAGIC_OBJECT, 0, rpm);


        genie.WriteObject(22, 0, rpm);

        Which compiles fine and also the display works, but only for the first 1000 rpm or the first smart gauge, after that the first smart gauge goes blank and gets a red X through it.

        However it works fine with GTX tool. Obviously something to do with the way I am sending the data it does not like.


        Alright, nevermind I got it working. I sniffed the serial comms to the display from the arduino after sending the genie.WriteObject(22, 0, rpm); command. And found that instead of sending 22, it was sending 16. (dec / hex mixup). So send the decimal equivalent of 22 hex which is 34 instead.

        So sending genie.WriteObject(34, 0, rpm); And the meter is now working correctly finally.
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