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  • Mark Kevin
    Hi 84sys,

    Welcome to the forums.

    Our display modules works differently. For this scenario, you would need more than 2 images to create a progress bar.

    For example, our coolgauge widget (go to widgets > gauges > cool gauge), where it has a maximum value of 100. Meaning it has 100 frames of images that shows the gradual progression of the widget from 0 to 100. For example, we provided a value of 50 to the coolgauge, the widget will then move from 0 to 50 gradually.

    In your scenario, you might need to map the your values (0-RPM) to (0-100 frames).

    You can read on this application note on how to create your own customized gauge:

    Designer or ViSi Custom Gauges

    What 4DGL environment are you using?

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  • michael_4D

    You could make the Green/red image static and have another white Layer over it that gradually uncovers the image, much similar to what's done here:

    Smart Widgets Horizontal Slider

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  • 84sys
    started a topic Progress Bar Help

    Progress Bar Help


    I'm trying to create a progress bar using the two images below:

    The first image is empty progress, the second full. I'd like the second image to gradually replace the first, is that possible?

    All I seem to achieve so far is the second image sliding in from the left, which doesn't create the desired effect.

    I achieved this with a Nextion display relatively easily, as below:

    Please advise