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Programming software on a display

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  • Programming software on a display

    I'm a newer using 4D Workshop 4 IDE. I want to program a software on a 4D systems display. Then I have the file "scriptc.exe", my project and "LOAD4DGLPROGRAM.4DSCRIPT" to load the program.
    However, when I try to execute the command: scriptc LOAD4DGLPROGRAM.4DSCRIPT,
    I have an error on the execution (see attached file). I have message "An error occured in the application" and an exception message "Access violation at address 00498A58 in module 'SCRIPTC.EXE'. Read of address FFFFFFFC."
    I need help to fix this problem.
    Bassirou FAYE
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    Hello bassfaye,

    Welcome to the forums.

    I would like know about your plans with this. I'm guessing that you are planning to create a program for uploading codes.
    If you are, then I would like to suggest filing a ticket on our CMC ticket support for a Non-Disclosure Agreement on how to load programs without using our IDE


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      Hi Jerson,

      The programs is already created. What I wwant is to load this program into my 4D systems display without using Workshop 4 IDE. How can I create a ticket on your CMC ticket support? I can't

      find your CMC ticket support.



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        Hi bassfaye,

        I would like to suggest that you use the program loading software named LoadProgram.exe found in the DEP folder inside the 4D Workshop program folder, here you can specify the required program the target destination (Flash/RAM) on the display.


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          Thanks for this answer,

          The software LoadProgram.exe can do what I need. Its loads the program into the display.

          But I want to load my program by using the ScriptC command line program. It occurs an error when executing. You can see the picture attached in my first post.


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            Hello Bassfaye,

            Can you also post the parameters you are using when running Scriptc.exe?
            I have attached a zip file containing a batch file which you might find easier to use. When you open the batch file (using Notepad, etc), you will need to edit lines 3 to 5 accordingly, as shown below.

            SET SCRIPT="D:\_temp\loadProgram" --> change this to the location and name of your 4DScript file. In this example, the 4DScript file "loadProgram" is located in "D:\_temp\"
            SET PROGRAM="D:\_temp\test1"  --> change this to the location and name of your program file. In this example, the files test1.4XE and test1.cfg are located in "D:\_temp\"
            SET COMPORT=18 --> change this to the correct COM port number
            After editing the batch file, save and run.
            Hope this helps.

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              I must add also that the batch file expects the Scriptc.exe utility to be located in its default folder ("C:\Program Files\4D Labs\4D Workshop 4 IDE\DEP"). Otherwise, you would have to edit line 9 of the batch file.


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                Hi Doff,

                Your solution works fine. It does what I need.

                Thank you for your support.
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