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Compress/Uncompress on uSD?

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  • Compress/Uncompress on uSD?

    I am in the process of trying to transfer my display files over to the uSD card on the display for updates via Visi-Genie. I am about there, but was wondering if it is possible to send a compressed file (containing the 4xe, gci, etc) and then decompress on the uSD? My project files total roughly 40 megs, but are only 500k zipped. I was thinking this may be possible using the serial interface instead of Genie, but all thoughts are appreciated. If I could do this, then sending remote updates would be way faster!

    Also, if anyone has any code they could share to handle transferring files for would be helpful. I am running on Linux using c++...all via Visi-Genie for now. For the update scenario, I could load through serial interface first in a separate program if needed.
    Thank you!
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