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  • User Images from SD Card Directory


    I use a number of User Images controls for labeling data outputted to screen. Below is a video which shows that (it's a bit drawn out, but you should get the idea).

    I'd like to be able to maintain the list of images without having to build/compile and load the whole program to the display and SD card, is that possible?

    Ideally I'd have a directory on the SD card which contained a number of images, and then have a number of User Images controls which read from that directory, if that makes sense?

    I'm currently using the visi-genie environment to program my display, and sending data to it from an Arduino host.

    The reason for this is pretty simple, I want to be able to update the "firmware" (sketch) on the Arduino, and at the same time add or remove images to or from the User Images controls.



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    Hi Tim,

    It would be possible to run your Visi-genie app from SD and then when you need to update your program and graphics files you could just replace these files on the SD card. You can try this by setting the the program to run from uSD by clicking on project and then clicking on the uSD button and then click back on the Home tab and then (Build) Copy/Load.

    I hope this helps