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Workshop4 suggestions from a relative newbie

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  • Workshop4 suggestions from a relative newbie

    IDE functionality in no particular order:

    1) Have the existing pop up box with the description of a function's use and parameters stay in focus while the mouse is over it. It disappears way too fast to read much of it.

    2) Have a pop up selection of functions with select-able autocomplete after typing the starting characters. Example: After typing "str_" a select-able list pops up of available functions that start with "str_" and a mouse click on one of them causes autocomplete to the first bracket. If you ignore the pop up and continue typing it goes away once you close the brackets.

    3) Optional goodie to make 2) even better: If you mouse over an option in the pop up list a second pop up comes up which is the same one as when you manually type that function.

    3) Have a pop up with the first line of a user created function after typing the functions name. Have it stay in focus until the brackets are closed. This would be a handy reminder of the variables to be passed and in what order and any additional comment made on the first line. Example: User creates a function with the first line "StringToInteger(var pointer, var delimiter) // Returns an integer or 9999 for error". In the main program typing "StringToInteger" causes the characters change color like a built in function and a pop up shows "StringToInteger(var pointer, var delimiter) // Returns an integer or 9999 for error".

    4) Highlight multiple lines and be able to turn them into or out of comments.
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    1. the popup stays there for about 5 seconds of 'inactivity', if you move the cursor and keep it within the parameter area (say you are reading any typing parameters), the popup stays there
    2. Press CTRL-Space (I believe this is 'standard')
    3. Hmm, nice, but maybe a bit hard as it technically breaks windows 'focusing' 'rules')
    3. It already does that. It might not always work 'just right', depending of the parameters and length thereof. Can you give us an example of where it doesn't work?
    4. Hmm, in general that is always somewhat messy to remove. Why not use a multiline comment at the start and end? (Or is that what you meant?)


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      1. It would be handy if mouse movement kept it showing.
      2. Awesome
      3. No pop up here with user generated function names.
      4. Highlight comment in and out like Visual studio is handy for testing / running down bugs.

      Thanks, didn't expect an answer during the holidays.