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How to install GEN4-ULCD-50DCT-CLB-PI on Raspberry Pi

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  • How to install GEN4-ULCD-50DCT-CLB-PI on Raspberry Pi

    I'm a bit confused on how to proceed. I have the gen4-ulcd-50dct-clb-pi module, and it came with:

    1 4D-Serial-Pi Adaptor
    1 4D programming cable (5 pin 0.1" female on one end, male on the other. 13cm ribbon cable)
    1 FFC cable

    There is nowhere to connect the 4D programming cable to the display module. The only accessible connectors on the display module are "USER I/O, which matches the FFC cable and the SD card slot.

    The FFC cable doesn't appear to be the same pitch as the PIs display connector. There are twice as many contacts on the cable as on the Raspberry PI 3B connector.

    I can't even find this model (ending in "-PI") on the 4D systems web site.

    Are there instructions for installing this specific model available anywhere?

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    ** Update**

    OK - I missed the little connector in the bag that connects the FFC cable to the 4D ribbon cable (serial, not programming as above).

    Now struggling to get BigDemo.c running.