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No Display On 4DCape-T70 Using Debian 9.1 2017-08-31 4GB SD LXQT

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  • No Display On 4DCape-T70 Using Debian 9.1 2017-08-31 4GB SD LXQT

    I've read all the post on this forum on related issues and still can't seem to figure out what the issue is. I'm using a 4DCape that I've had for a while that works fine with the original Angstrom image loaded on my BBB. I'd like to start a new project using my original equipment with the latest version of Debian but the display seems to have the backlight when booting up but nothing else.

    I checked the following:

    [email protected]:/boot$ cat /sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr/slots

    0: ------ -1
    1: ---l-- -1
    2: ---l-- -1
    3: ---l-- -1

    which lead me to believe the display is not being recognized at startup. Can anyone direct me to potential solution?

    I apologize if this issues has been posted and resolved somewhere and I just missed it.

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    Good day manoncloud9,

    Are you using a standard cape version? or a gen4 cape version?

    There have been issues found on the latest official release of the BBB images. We have already brought this up with the moderators of the BBB image and they are working it out for the next official release.

    I can suggest you to use the testing images from the BBB moderator, Robert C. Nelson through this link:

    Download the file "bone-debian-8.10-lxqt-4gb-armhf-2018-01-01-4gb.img.xz"

    I have tested this BBB image and it worked fine for me on my end.