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Graphics composer won't save or build

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  • Graphics composer won't save or build

    Have added the video at the right format, size and am now tring to save and then build to my sd card it just hangs, as if the
    save or build button isnt recognized. It is not crashing, just hanging there so I have to cancel..Maybe Im being stupid..?
    Novice chic cheek

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    Hello Georgie,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Could you share more details on this problem? SD card used, Workshop4 environment and version used, Video file information/properties; so that we can pinpoint the main problem.

    Best regards


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      Thanks for getting back to me. Im panicking because I have to make this work in the next days.

      All Im trying to do is run a short avi. on a loop, I dont need any interactivity.
      I tried using Graphics composer as it seemed simple, you select the size of your screen, add a video file, scale it using the dotted red lines and then click build with the sd card
      plugged into the usb port of the computer.
      I am using the usb provided with the 22ORD device that Im working with.
      The video file is a 220x220 avi.

      As I couldn't save or build in Graphics composer ( may be the old version)I decided to use VISI instead so the video will loop.
      I selected the right device format (22ORD), landscape, correct dimensions
      I then added the video in the widgets tab, scaled it etc.
      Then clicked PASTE CODE( not sure if this is the correct thing to do?)
      When I go to compile it says there are 2 errors in the video part of the code.
      Would you be able to have a look at the project file? I have no coding experience.

      Ive worked out the rest of the process, in terms of connecting the SD card, compiling to the E drive
      and then putting the sd into the device and compile and load but it just comes up as a black screen.
      I guess it is because its just looking at Form1 which looks empty as the video code isnt written properly
      Ive attached the VISI project file and the video file

      Thanks so much.
      Ive ben 3 days with this already, stuck


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        Im using the SD card provided with the device.


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          Hello Georgie,

          The project will not compile and build if there are errors in the code.
          I would like to suggest that you look up on this application note on ViSi Images and User images and the associated sample codes to get some ideas on how to play slideshows of images or video in ViSi. The video widget works just like the user images widget the video and images are played frame by frame in the repeat-forever loop.
          ViSi Images and User Images:

          I hope this will help you


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            Thanks, Jerson, but I have no coding experience.

            From what I read about your products you could achieve what Im after without having to code.
            This why I bought 2 of your devices.

            Is it possible for you to tell me the process and or code format to play one video file on a loop?
            You mention in the application notes that there is :

            "A special button from the Object Inspector can help reduce the time of coding of this part. The ‘Paste Code” simply pastes object code."
            Then you move on to the SD card process without saying what to do next.
            I have no problem getting the one file into the right place, I just dont know the code to compile it properly

            Please, I really need some simple support here?


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              Hello Georgie,

              From what you've read, it must be through the use of ViSi-Genie which would give the ability for the user to drag and drop widgets on the display without much coding and most of the coding occurs on the Arduino host commanding the display. The ViSi environment however, requires the user to write their code functions for each widgets using the 4DGL language.

              The videos on the displays are played frame by frame through the code you have pasted on the coding area. which is:
              img_SetWord(hndl, iVideo1, IMAGE_INDEX, frame) ;
              img_Show(hndl,iVideo1) ;
              I've written a simple looped program for your given video so that you can try and replace your program code with.

              func main()
              //  var hstrings ; // Handle to access uSD strings, uncomment if required
              //  var hFontx ;   // Handle to access uSD fonts, uncomment if required and change n to font number
              //  Uncomment the following if uSD images, fonts or strings used.
                  if (!(file_Mount()))
                          putstr("Drive not mounted...");
              //    gfx_TransparentColour(0x0020);    // uncomment if transparency required
              //    gfx_Transparency(ON);             // uncomment if transparency required
              //  hFontn := file_LoadImageControl("NoName2.dan", "NoName2.gcn", 1); // Open handle to access uSD fonts, uncomment if required and change n to font number dropping a and c if > 9
              //  hstrings := file_Open("NoName2.txf", 'r') ; // Open handle to access uSD strings, uncomment if required
                  hndl := file_LoadImageControl("NoName2.dat", "NoName2.gci", 1);
                  gfx_Set(SCREEN_MODE,LANDSCAPE) ;
                  var frame;
                      // Video1 1.0 generated 1/9/2018 12:12:53 PM
                      img_SetWord(hndl, iVideo1, IMAGE_INDEX, frame) ; // where frame is 0 to 182
                      img_Show(hndl,iVideo1) ;
                      if(frame == 183) frame := 0;