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Connecting the uLCD-43PT on the Raspberry Pi-3

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  • Connecting the uLCD-43PT on the Raspberry Pi-3


    I try again.
    Has someone running the raspberry pi-3 with the uLCD-43PT?
    I have run the example basicDemo with the proper speed of 115200 baud on my RPI-3
    To check if the serial data is send correct I have use an additional USB-Serial connected parallel to the 4d Connector on the RPI-3
    Have seen that the communication parameters are right, see the screen shot of Coolterm on my Mac with is attached.

    The only change in the demo code is
    //open the Raspberry Pi's onboard serial port, baud rate is 115200
    //make sure that the display module has the same baud rate
    genieSetup("/dev/ttyS0", 115200);

    Please need a solution th get it working.
    Thanks for any help.



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    Hi Jan,

    Can you try connecting your display to Workshop, open your project and the click on Tools, then GTX to see if your display responds to serial commands from within workshop. Also you can click on File then Options and then the Genie tab to check your coms settings.

    I hope this helps



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      Thanks for your reply.
      Have done all the things you are mention.
      Also checked the communication of the ttyS0 with Coolterm on my Mac and PUTTY on the Raspberry Pi-3.
      Checked the communication at 115200 Baud. There where no problems. Send and received text on both side works at it should.
      What I have found is that sometimes the String "Hello Wold!" is displaying, not always.

      Seems there is going something wrong with the communication between the uLCD-43PT => RPI-3

      Do you have running this uLCD-43PT on a RPI-3?

      The uLCD-43PT is working well on my Arduino with the demo program!




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        Hi Jan,

        Yes these display's have run on a RPi-3 as they use standard TTL serial, All our displays are capable of being controlled by serial. The monitor screen you showed above shows a lot of 'X' before the command to display 'Hello World'. Where do the X's, HEX 58 get generated from.

        Best regards



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          Hi Jan,

          Did you enable the Serial of the Raspberry Pi 3?

          To do this, open your putty and type.
          sudo raspi-config
          Goto 5 Interfacing Option >> P6 Serial
          It will ask for the login shell … select <No>
          Would you like the serial port hardware to be enabled? Select <Yes>
          Then click <Ok>, then <Finish>.
          This will prompt you to reboot the system.

          Hope this help.