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  • create a custom object

    Hello, I would like to create custom object for the 4D lcd screen.
    As an exemple I would like to have bigger leds than the common widget led0 (possibility to scale the diameter) .
    Is there a documentation or a pdf files explaining how to create custom objects.

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    Good day Etienne,

    You can use an userimage widget for this scenario.
    At a standpoint, you can say that all the widgets are frames of images, so for example, you make an LED image with an "off" image and an "on" image, therefore you are using two states/frames. So when you use it in your project, you just provide a 0 or 1 value to it to change the image.

    You can use different image/photo editing tools such as photoshop to build these widgets. Take note of the size you are going to make in your widget, the screen size/area of the display is measured in pixels. For example you are going to make an LED widget on a 4.3" display module with an 480x272 pixel resolution. Your image should not exceed the dimension of 480 x 272.

    You may find this attached link useful and similar to your requirement:
    Designer or ViSi Custom Gauges


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      Hi Kevin,
      thanks a lot for the answer, I will try this solution.