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Split up program into multiple files?

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  • Split up program into multiple files?

    Hey, sorry if this has been asked before but...

    I'm working on a rather large project and was wondering if there was any way to split up the program into multiple files/lbraries as if I was writing in C/C++

    I want to have a library for drawing different screens, for calculating different variables, for getting user input, etc.


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    Hi TheLawlz,

    Its possible to split up the files and use them up as a inherit/include files, you can find this scenario in some of the sample program of widgets (FILE > SAMPLES > PICASO VISI > SIWTCHANDKNOB) where in the actual computations for the knob and led-digits are performed on a separate file and only included on the main program.

    #inherit "[filename].inc"

    You can click on those inherit files on your ViSi programming environment and right click on it. Select the "Open file at cursor" to open the file.

    However, your main program size will also increase as you inherit your desired files.