I recently bought a 4DPi-24-HAT for my project. The goal is to make a full screen kiosk on HDMI and adjust its configuration on the mini TFT. Technically, I wanted to run X11 / match-box-window and chromium on HDMI and use pygame on the TFT for configuration of the module (IP, name, etc.).
For now, both under Jessie and Stretch, pygame startup on / dev / fb1 cancels me the display of HDMI (black screen). The python pygame program works but I have no more display on HDMI. If I stop the python program, the HDMI returns.
The exact chain is: HDMI> / dev / fb0> X11> match-box> chromium and TFT> / dev / fb1> SDL> pygame.

Can the 4DPi-24-HAT work in parallel with HDMI?

Is there a special config?

Thank you very much.