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pokeM and peekM not functioning as expected

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  • pokeM and peekM not functioning as expected

    pokeM and peekM don't seem to work as documented in the Serial Commands reference manual.

    I'm just looking for clarification on how they function.

    I'm using a uLCD-32PTU, SPE2 rev 1.4, PmmC rev 4.4.

    Using Serial Commander I can read and write to internal registers on the Picaso (i.e. TEXT_XPOS @ 0x5F) but when I try the sample from the Serial Commands Ref Man rev 2.0, I get an error22 with PC=2768, V1=-11, v2=271 (or some other number).

    Is it safe to say that pokeM and peekM read / write internal registers only and not RAM?

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    Hi TomLewis,

    Im currently testing out the sample on the reference manual.
    Give me more time to check out the issue you are encountering.


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      Hi TomLewis,

      Error 22 states "Bad address for peekW or pokeW" in the PICASO internal functions.
      I also tried the example, and it also provides me the same error. I will have to consult our senior developers about this example on the PICASO serial command manual

      I tried out the register maps from the PICASO internal functions page 307. The registers are from 30(DEC) to 122(DEC) all of them provides me a acknowledgement byte 0x06 but when I place a register value more than 125 I encounter the error you have. The returned address (similar to the example) is more than 125, so for now its safe to say that only the internal registers can be peekM/pokeM

      I will check if there are any other ways to access the RAM or if the example were wrong or there is a missing step/procedure on the example