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uOled-160-G2 sometimes hangs on splash screen

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  • uOled-160-G2 sometimes hangs on splash screen


    i have a setup of 2 160-G2 displays, both connected to there own Arduino Nano and build in my car.
    Displays display various sensor information.
    Displays and arduino's are connected toghetter to the same power converter 12-36V to 5v.
    Displays power up when turning the car key .
    Sometimes both do not start, sometimes only 1 and luckely most of the time they both start.
    When not starting they hang on the splash screen. What could be the reason ? Might it be to little power ?
    Just to make sure i also added a delay, so displays turn on after the cars runs for 5 seconds, this setup does not take away the behavior.

    what could i do to solve this ?

    thanks !

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    What sort of power supply is it? Just a normal regulator or something that can survive car engine cranking? Have you monitored the power supply with a scope or something when you start the car to see what the output is doing?

    Does it happen if you just turn the key to ACC or ON without starting the car, or does it only happen when you start the car straight away?
    Its likely related to your power supply and noise causing issues on either the display or the Arduino power inputs, or possibly even affecting the serial lines so the display might see false characters or something.

    Have you tried sending a reset to the display from the Arduino a second or so after the Arduino starts up?



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      the power supply is

      No sorry i do not have a scope so did not test that. it does happen in all situations, so at cranking and only on ACC. Also did add a breaker so i can reset it while driving, in that situation it also happens. I did not try to send a reset to the display from arduino, i gonna find out to trigger that, so i can try it !