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Transparent Background for Custom Digits?

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  • Transparent Background for Custom Digits?

    I have a BMP for my custom digits with a transparent background.
    However when it displays it has a white background.
    I also tried the same file in PNG format but no joy.

    How do I get a transparent background for my custom digits?

    Thanks for your help,

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Custom Digit 2.png
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    Hello Felich,

    Transparency will be lost when the .PNG is converted to .BMP. The custom LED digits generates each frame for the LED digit widget by getting a screenshot of each digit frame hence the white background. One workaround is to create your own digits same as what is done on this thread using UserImages:

    Best regards,


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      I loaded a BMP of my custom digits, but it still came up with a white background.

      Is that a bug in the custom digits file converter?


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        Hello Felich,

        Well BMP images has no transparency. It is not a bug, but rather how the converter creates the LED digit object. Each the LED digit frames by taking a snapshot of each digit in the image input against a background. Since it was captured in the converter itself, not against the background of the form, the default background would become white. This snapshots are then converted to BMP format serving as frames for the LED digit. Userimages work the other way around, its snapshots are taken against the form background thus having transparency effect.

        Best regards,


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          Got it, Thanks!


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            Can we make Leddigits background transparent ?


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              Hi Pratik,

              The Color Attribute in the properties is what the color of the Leddigits background is. You may make a "transparent" background by adjusting the RGB values or picking the color picker like that of your form's color.

              As a workaround, you may use the Workshop4 Pro to make transparent digits by enabling the Numeric tickbox of the Smart Widgets. I have attached a sample project for your reference.

              Hope this helps and Best Regards,
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