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    is there a way to put an invisible button over the whole form ?

    I already tried it with no image and with an invisible image but the software producing a black overlay over all other buttons.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello Chris87,

    Welcome to the forums, which Workshop4 environment are you currently working with ViS or ViSi-genie? There are some other ways for doing this. If you are using User button with no image will definitely take a snapshot with the background behind minus the other widgets behind it.

    Best regards,


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      Iam working with Visi Genie. The problem is that I have dynamic values like temperature and clock which should stay visible


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        Do you have Workshop4 Pro? I believe the Pro version is necessary for what I did.

        In my case I wanted to activate Form1 if Form0 was touched anywhere.
        I tried to make an invisible button but failed so I added a MagicTouch with this simple code in

        if (CurrentForm == 0 ) ActivateForm(1);

        One Caveat was then I added input objects on Form0. Form1 will activate very briefly before the input object Event Handler activates which can either be a slight distraction or a complete screw up depending on what the input is supposed to do. To get around this with inputs on Form0 I set the Event Handlers for input objects on Form0 to None and added the appropriate handlers in the MagicTouch code.

        A simple MagicTouch code example with only one input (Winbutton0) on Form0 that you wanted to activate Form2 but if touched anywhere else but Winbutton0 you want to activate Form1 you would need something like:

        if (CurrentForm == 0 && ImageTouched != iWinbutton0) ActivateForm(1);
        if (CurrentForm == 0 && ImageTouched == iWinbutton0) ActivateForm(2);

        You would need to expand that to cover all the actions you want any other inputs to do and set their Event Handlers to None.

        I am using Diablo, but I bet it will work with Picaso processor.

        I am just an old hack so take this for what it's worth.