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File Transfer over serial (Programming) cable Utility

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    Hello 4D Team,

    Any chance to get some source code/documentation of the FileTransfer.exe tool, in order to be able to develop a custom version ?


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      Both ends are quite complex.

      The Windows end will not be made available. (It needs to work out such things as the USB to serial converter chip, so that it can optimise/set the transfer sizes tor best throughput)

      There are similar issues at the Display end, in this case the amount of available memory on the display dictates how the transfer can optimised. So the size of the program, and in the case of Picaso, whether it is running from RAM or Flash needs to be taken into account. This also needs to be accommodated in the Windows program.

      Also, the Windows program loads the program dynamically, as you may be aware this algorithm is only available under NDA.

      At the moment the Display version of the programs are not commented well enough to be put in the public domain.

      If they were documented better you should be able to write a controller end program to drive them.

      So the question is which processor are you after the source code for, and will that be enough? (eg if you were just going to add part of it to an existing program, it would appear to be enough)



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        I the end, what would be the best for me, is a simplified version of this tool, so that I can transfert some small text files to the SD card.

        Transfering from display to computer, Baud rate adjustement and Console output (in the center of the window) are not necessary.

        I am working with Diablo16. My target will always be same, with the same usb/serial chip : all optimizations can be hardcoded.
        Also, since the file I need to transfer are rather small (at least, at the moment), I can deal with low speed transfer.


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          Hi ESPsupport,

          Any news on this matter ?
          I can understand that this is not in your priorities at the moment, I just need to know.
          I will very soon need my customer to update some files on the SD, I want to know if I can expect to have "custom" version of the tool, or if I should stick with the current version of FileTransfer.exe (that works totaly fine, but is just not very user-friendly for non-programmers).



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            Um, why not just use the command line options?

            Just Create a bat file with all the 'unneeded' options fixed.

            Use the various batch options to collect the needed options.


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              I actually can not manage to get the command line to work.

              I tried a couple of stuff, but I always get the same error.

              Here is an example of what I tried to send a file, and did not work.
              FileTransfer "C:\Users\toto\Downloads\Ftr10\myFile.X" /b115200 /cCOM3 /s
              This seem ok, but he is what I get :

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Error message.png
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              Am I missing something ? Or is there something missing in the list of parameters ?


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                The DisplayFile was not optional, this was to ensure you knew what the destination file would be called, and not obfuscated amongst long to short filename conversion. I have changed it to use the windows short filename, if no filename is specified.


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                  Originally posted by ESPsupport View Post
                  The DisplayFile was not optional, this was to ensure you knew what the destination file would be called, and not obfuscated amongst long to short filename conversion. I have changed it to use the windows short filename, if no filename is specified.
                  It now works with the newest version (Ftr102). Thanks.

                  I now would like to send several files from a single command.
                  I stored all my file path into an external .txt file, and used the following command.

                  FileTransfer $"C:\Users\toto\Downloads\Ftr102\myFiles.txt" /b115200 /cCOM3 /s /q /w
                  Where myFiles.txt contains:
                  It does work. However, I am getting a confirmation pop-up windows before the begining of transfer, for every file.
                  Since I am planing to send over 100 small files, this is bit annoying.

                  When sending multiple files using the UI, I only get one big confirmation windows, that makes me choose if I want to overwrite, Ignore, Cancel ...

                  Is there a way to launch the program with no confirmation window ? Or, just a single confirmation windows before the entire transfert (and not before the transfert of each file).
                  I am begining with command lines, so I might be missing something here.

                  Also, when sending multiple files, the screen does not reboot after the transfert completion. It's not that much of a problem, but it would be a nice addon.


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                    Hi Vincent,

                    I wont be able to get to this for a few days, but I have some comments that may help.

                    /q should make it completely quiet, unless there are errors, so the fact that you are getting popups make me think that the multiple file option still requires both source and destination filenames.

                    The lack of reboot may be due to the suspected errors.


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                      I Mark,

                      Thanks for your feedback. I guess I will wait a bit then.
                      For the record, here is what I tried so far. It might help you somehow.

                      All using Ftr102.

                      For every path, I tried with both quotes "" and no quotes, just be sure.

                      Case 1 (see previous message) :

                      FileTransfer $"C:\Users\v\Downloads\Ftr102\myFiles.txt" /b115200 /cCOM3 /Q /s
                      Where myFiles.txt contains

                      Case 2 :
                      FileTransfer $"C:\Users\toto\Downloads\Ftr102\myFiles.txt" /b115200 /cCOM3 /Q /s
                      Where myFiles.txt contains
                      C:\Users\v\Downloads\Ftr102\aaaa.txt aaaa.txt
                      C:\Users\v\Downloads\Ftr102\bbbb.txt bbbb.txt
                      C:\Users\v\Downloads\Ftr102\cccc.txt cccc.txt
                      Case 3 :
                      FileTransfer $"C:\Users\v\Downloads\Ftr102\myFiles.txt" $"C:\Users\v.gaulon_2\Downloads\Ftr102\myNames.txt" /b115200 /cCOM3 /Q /s
                      Where myFiles.txt contains
                      and myNames.txt contains
                      Case 4 : Transfering a single file
                      Tried both
                      FileTransfer "C:\Users\v\Downloads\Ftr102\aaaa.txt"  /b115200 /cCOM3 /Q /s
                      FileTransfer "C:\Users\v\Downloads\Ftr102\aaaa.txt" aaaa.txt /b115200 /cCOM3 /Q /s

                      All the cases above provide the same result :
                      - Transfering the file to the screen works fine
                      - No reboot affter completion
                      - I get a pop-up windows before the transfert of every file
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                      • ESPsupport
                        ESPsupport commented
                        Editing a comment
                        All fixed in 1.03

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                      Hi ESPsupport,
                      This tool is very important for our project in this moment, we have several devices with GEN4-ULCD-70DCT and we want to update them remotely.
                      We are using linux devices connected with the screen via USB.
                      For now I can see that the unique build of this tool is for Windows. Have you any build for linux? command-line would be good for us.
                      If not, could we get the source to compile it for linux?
                      Thanks for all.


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                        We do not have any builds for Linux.

                        It would not be a straight port as the utility takes into account the different driver capabilities, options, memory, etc. of the various 'USB converters' to optimize the speed of the transfer.

                        There are also many differences at the display end, depending, mostly, on the processor in the display.

                        Perhaps the source for the display would help you develop a Linux command line program?

                        Although, really, I would think a Windows computer would be more 'economical'.


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                          Hello, it's me again !

                          I am working on a batch to download files from the screen on my computer, and I am running into issue.

                          I tried a few options close to this command, but did not get any luck ...
                          start /w FileTransfer  "C:\Users\*********\myFile.txt" "myFile.txt" /b115200 /cCOM3 /R
                          start /w FileTransfer  "C:\Users\*********\"myFile.txt" /b115200 /cCOM3 /R
                          In all cases, FileTransfert.exe starts, connects to the screen, initiates the transfert ... and crash "An error occured in the application"

                          Using the GUI, everything works fine.

                          Here is wat I am getting on the screen
                          File transfer waiting
                          Set baud rate 115200
                          Mount uSD : FAT
                          Dir *.*
                          Set RD Tran size :256
                          Start myFile.txt sz=1024
                          3 -> Using command, keep stuck at 3
                          Finished -> Using GUI, counting down 3.2.1 Finished
                          Any hints ?


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                            4D Team, any idea concerning my message just above ?



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                              Hi Vincent,

                              Looking at the snippet of code above, are you trying to read the files on the display then send files to PC?
                              Can you try this code:
                              FileTransfer "NewFile.txt" "myFile.txt" /b115200 /cCOM3 /r
                              Let me know if that helps.

                              Best Regards,