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Request about the difference between the uCam-III lenses

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  • Request about the difference between the uCam-III lenses

    Hey everybody,

    I try to create a prototype for a position control over an image recognition.

    For the image recognition I have selected the uCam-III.

    I have collect the technical data from the data sheet, but I haven’t found all the data which I need.

    The data sheet is just applicable for the uCam with the 56° lens. I found the focal length as well as the image sensor, with which I can calculate the angle of view for an object which stands a long distance away. That’s clear.

    But I couldn’t find a data sheet for the 76° and/or the 116° degree.

    I have found the table with the lens performance, but I don’t understand it. So maybe anybody can help me with my error in reasoning.

    How are the focal length for the lenses? I know, that the Focus is adjusted by moving the lenses back and forth by rotating it. But does there exist not a standard value?

    Thanks in advance for an answer.


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    Hello Jeff,

    The focal length for all the lenses would be the same at 3.1 mm, the focal point which is the sensor chip. This made possible by the lens assembly, having multiple lens inside, otherwise it would need a larger sensor or a longer lens assembly. Only the Field of View (FOV) changes between the lenses, the focal length to the sensor would remains fixed as suggested in the datasheet.

    I hope this helps,

    Best regards