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4DPi-24Hat: switch screen on/off

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  • 4DPi-24Hat: switch screen on/off

    Hello again,
    I was able to integrate 4DPi-2HAT (jumper set to not use PWM) into my project and it is running pretty well. It is working as a data logger and most of the time screen is not used.

    My goal is to use 4DPi-24 buttons to on and off the screen. Is there a way to ask screen driver to behave as I need?
    I was trying Linux command: sudo tvservice -o but as a result only HDMI output was deactivated.

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    Hello Jakub,

    You can try turning off the back light through this command:

    sudo sh -c 'echo 31 > /sys/class/backlight/4d-hats/brightness'

    Brightness can be set from 0 to 31

    I hope this helps,

    Best Regards


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      It is working exactly as I need it, thank you!

      I recommend to update your pdf file with documentation for the screen. It looks outdate in regards to Kernel.
      It would be also fine to add:
      - above information how to drive a screen on and off,
      - link to place where your kernels can be downloaded (possibly a place with all recently released kernels)

      btw. Your technical support is great and quickly responsive.


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        Hello Jakub,

        Previously the other method were still working up until the recent kernel update: file location and permission level changes. We're still on the process of updating the datasheets regarding this changes.

        Best Regards.


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          Hello Jakub,

          How Can i Genrate Pwm To The Pressing Button.
          i.e. i will press the Button genrate 1k pwm and again press the same button pwm will increase to the 2k .

          Thanks In Advance,
          Best Regards