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ScriptC not working consistantly

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  • ScriptC not working consistantly

    I am using scriptc to write 2 sets of image files to a SD card. Without ever modifying any of the files, sometimes the script works but more often it fails.

    When it fails it gives this:
    No Errors, code size = 462 bytes
    Starting Script fusdts.4DSCRIPT
    The system cannot find the file specified
    The system cannot find the file specified
    ABORTING Script fusdts.4DSCRIPT
    When intentionally changing a file path of one of the files in the script the error given will be a little more specific and give:
    WriteSectors - The system cannot find the file specified

    Is there anyway to get more info about what file the system can't find?

    If it matters, I am using windows through parallels on a mac.
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    Edit the script with a text editor, add a new line after the first and place
    You should then get every line listed, so you will be able to see the lines producing the error messages.