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How to mount Beaglebone and Cape to GEN4-4DCAPE-43CT-CLB?

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  • How to mount Beaglebone and Cape to GEN4-4DCAPE-43CT-CLB?

    According to the site, there should be 4 screw mounts to hold the Beaglebone to the back of the LCD, but there is none. Am I missing something? Does this white plastic shroud peel off to reveal the holes?

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    Hello 4galler.

    Welcome to the forum.

    You have purchased the Capacitive touch model (gen4-4DCAPE-43CT-CLB), which means you mount the display module via the displays CLB glass, there is adhesive on the back, and you mount this into a panel cutout.
    Only the non touch or Resistive Touch models have the mounting tabs for screw mounting, as per the datasheet.

    "4x 4.0mm Mounting holes on Non-Touch and Resistive Touch modules, or via adhesive for Capacitive Touch model." - Page 4 of the Datasheet.

    In the datasheet you will also find the drawings for the various models. Page 13 of the Datasheet, for your model.

    You may also be interested in Section 9 and 10, on page 7 of the Datasheet, which discusses the adhesive and the part numbers.

    You simply cut a rectangle in a panel or suitable enclosure, and mount the display module into the hole, and the CLB glass edge with adhesive will then adhere to the front of the panel/enclosure and fasten the display module in place.