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  • ESPsupport
    Internally the fonts are kept in several different formats in order to minimise the amount of memory consumed by each font.

    So giving you the internal representation would not necessarily make it easier for you to re-implement them in visual studio.

    Also the ‘plotted’ font, is just that, and you would need to implement the algorithm to use the vectors to generate the font.

    To me, the easiest way to get the fonts in a consistent format, so that you would only have to work on one algorithm would be to print them to the screen, take a screencopy to uSD and either process the resulting GCI in Windows, or use GCI2BMP to convert it back to a bitmap, whichever is easiest for you.

    For the ‘plotted’ font I suspect you really don’t want to use it, or can use it in a series of known sizes and angles.

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  • michael_4D
    Hello again,
    The other fonts (EGA, dejavu, and sans serif) are not proprietary to 4D, You could try scouring the internet for those.
    Best Regards,

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  • pkulzer
    Hello Michael, those fonts I've seen before. But I'd need all of them. I'm programming a simple application in Visual Studio, which allows me to directly open and run/show an original 4D display program, thereby displaying the exact same thing/GUI on a standard PC, pixel-by-pixel. An EMULATOR so to speak... ;- ) I'm building a gadget which measures and simulates signals for racing cars/engines/chassis and instead of programming an entirely new/different GUI on the PC part (remote control of the gadget), I'll simply try and use the exact same GUI as on the 4D display. This simplifies work hugely. Is it really impossible to get those fonts? You also have to have them on the 4D system, right? You had to base them on something pre-existing...?

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  • michael_4D
    The only fonts available for windows would be the ones that could be found under C:\Program Files (x86)\4D Labs\4D Workshop 4 IDE. Those fonts are in ‘.fon’ format, you might need to convert them to ‘.otf’ or ‘.ttf’. By the way, 4DFONT1.FON is the same as 4DSYSTEM.FON. Your project sounds interesting, could you give more details as to where you’re going with this?

    Best Regards,

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  • pkulzer
    started a topic Built-in Font files

    Built-in Font files

    Hello! I tried to find this in the forum but didn't find anything: where can I get the built-in FONT files? I mean the ones we can set through "txt_Set" below.
    My aim is to use the exact same fonts in a Windows application that emulates some code from a 4D program.
    Is it possible to get these fonts in WIndows-compatible files/form? Thanks in advance!

    EGA 8x12 font


    1 or FONT_1
    2 or FONT_2
    3 or FONT_3
    4 or FONT_4
    5 or FONT_5
    6 or FONT_6
    7 or FONT_7
    8 or FONT_8
    9 or FONT_9
    10 or FONT_10
    11 or FONT_11