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4DCape-43 plus additonal I/O

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  • 4DCape-43 plus additonal I/O

    I've got a Beagle Bone Black and a 4DCape-43, which works fine. However, if possible, I'd like to attach a couple of extra wires to the BBB so that it can read some sensors, but w/ the cape all of the P8/P9 connectors are used up. Is there a way to use 4DCape-43 and still have additional connectors available for other purposes, like maybe an adapter of some sort?

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    Hello DKP,

    Welcome to the forum.

    We actually offer two types of capes: Original LCD capes and gen4 LCD capes.

    Gen4 capes are FFC-connected displays that come with an adaptor shield to let you use the GPIO pins of your Beaglebone.
    The one that you are using (Original LCD cape), on the other hand, is primarily for display applications. Fortunately, there are expansion boards that will allow you to access the GPIO pins using your current cape.

    Please be reminded not to use the already used pins of the cape. You may refer to the cape’s datasheet as reference,

    Hope this helps and best regards,


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      Great information. Thank you so much.


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        Hi DKP,

        No worries. Gen4 capes are actually much more flexible than the original cape. With the adaptor shield included, you can already connect sensor pins like what you were trying to achieve; so if you’re planning to make new projects in the future then I recommend the gen4 capes as the original capes are not recommended for new designs. You may refer to the announcement section of the product page. .

        Gen4 capes are available here:

        Enjoy building!