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  • "device not responding"

    When I connect my gen-4 uLCD-32DCT-CLB to my computer, the port of the connection is seen by the computer but when I try to scan my module the message "device not responding" appears. I've tried to connect the module to several different computers and with 2 different methods as explained in the "quick start quide".
    Thanks for your help.

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    Hello Lorette,

    Welcome to the forum.

    There are many possible reasons for that (incorrect PMMC, wrong FFC cable type or not properly inserted cable). You may refer to this thread for steps on how to configure an unresponsive display:
    You may also try reconnecting the FFC cable and make sure that the sockets are locked properly.

    Another possible reason is the programming module’s driver. If you are using the 4D-UPA or the gen4-PA, please try manually updating the driver using the installer found in this link:
    You can find more information about the programming module that you are using by going to its product page. For your convenience, below are links to the product pages of the 4D-UPA and the gen4-PA:
    Let me know if you are using a different programming module.

    If none of these solves your problem, can you explain more about your setup and the behavior of your display once you connect it? Does its backlight turn on?

    Best Regards,


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      thank you for your answer, it is working now!


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        Glad to hear that it’s working now Lorette. Can you also share which of those procedures helped you? Other users with similar issues might find it helpful in the future.

        Enjoy building!

        Best Regards,