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Trying to update Cool Gauge in IF statement - ridiculously slow!

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    Hi. Thanks. I tried the files. I had to change genieBegin(COMMS) to genieBegin(Serial) to get the Arduino to communicate with my display. The resulting gauge was super jumpy, jumping from one side of the gauge to the other, with no transition. I've uploaded a video of it.

    I wonder if it has something to do with using genie(Serial), instead of genieBegin(COMMS)? What's the difference?
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      Hi VooMan,

      This is the output that you must expect in implementing the files that I sent you in my previous post, click videolink.

      Since you’re not using the Software Serial, were you able to comment out the “Serial.print” codes?
      Those instructions will send data to the display, hence, may cause a delay in updating the gauge value. Moreover, the display will not understand these data.

      Also, kindly check if the FFC is still placed properly. Misalignment of the conductors may cause data loss.

      About the difference between hardware and software UART on Arduino, the links below might give you useful information.
      Hope this will help.

      Best regards,


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        Hi Vince_4D

        I tried that code you sent. Works really nicely! I haven't had a chance to finish playing around with it but at the moment it looks like it might do the job very well.


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          Greetings VooMan,

          I'm glad that the code somehow achieved what you are planning on your project.
          If you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to inform us.

          Best regards,