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  • Smart widget shares?

    Hi guys.
    ain't it possible to share smart widgets?

    I would love to have a "database" to browse for all those awesome widgets you guys is doing!

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    Hello Kaspervissing,

    When sharing smart widgets (available in the PRO version of WS4), it is important to know the difference between a smart gauge (found in the gauges section of the widgets tab) and a smart knob and/or a smart slider (both found in the inputs section of the widgets tab).

    The main difference between the above widgets is that a smart gauge does not require additional touch parameters while a smart knob or a smart slider requires touch parameters which need to be set as can be seen below:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	final.image.png
Views:	167
Size:	147.1 KB
ID:	63849

    Consequently, for smart gauge widgets, it is easy to share these by simply combining the relevant images and the .4DSmart file in a folder(for these you need to check the .ImgData folder of your project). While for smart knob or smart slider widgets, the touch parameter configuration is not saved on the .4DSmart file so it is highly recommended to zip the WS4 project containing these widgets, just to make sure that all resources and info are included.

    Unfortunately, there’s no available database of widgets yet (I presume you are looking for an online database?). However, you can also check the existing .4DSmart files in the PRO version of WS4 by hitting the Load Button as shown below:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	click.png
Views:	108
Size:	18.2 KB
ID:	63850

    If you share a smart widget with another user then make sure that he/she possesses a PRO license for him/her to be able to open and use the project containing smart widgets.

    All The Best,



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      Thnaks for the note about all the samples. that's a start. I can see your point about the issue in sharing, but at least the praphic part is a good start for sharing, especiale if it was possible to preview i folder.



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        You're welcome, Kasper. If you have queries in the future, don't hesitate to contact us.

        All The Best,



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          Hello all,
          I saw a demo on you tube channel (attached picture)Click image for larger version

Name:	$d system_Smart knob.PNG
Views:	141
Size:	247.8 KB
ID:	66643 there is a temperature.4Dsmart file added to the smart gauge, but i can not find that file. Could anyone give me that file please? Thank you so much
          Thanks and Best Regards,


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            The file after being added look like this (the number with C degree) Click image for larger version

Name:	Temperature file.PNG
Views:	128
Size:	128.9 KB
ID:	66651


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              Thank you for sharing your concern.

              Can you explain a little more to your question? What do you want to do?

              Did you try to download the entire project by just clicking on the video description below or by here?

              In fact, the temperature.4Dsmart file is the SmartGauge2.4Dsmart file in, extract the zip file and then, navigate to the tabsDemo.ImgData folder.

              Technically, WS4 will add and rename a .4Dsmart file after you load it, to the .ImgData folder with the image needed.

              If you plan to recycle a .smart file to another project, please make sure the .4Dsmart file and the image/s needed are in the same directory.

              I successfully isolated the SmartGauge2.4Dsmart file with the images it needs from the project. This is an example of how to put these files in the same directory and use them in future projects.

              Best regards,
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                Hello Kayven,
                Thank you for your support.


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                  You're welcome!

                  If you have further concern, we're here to help and support you.

                  All the best,