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Terminal 9600 (serial port tool) minimizing for ever right after launch

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  • Terminal 9600 (serial port tool) minimizing for ever right after launch

    After clicking in Terminal 9600 (serial port tool) it opens but it minimises immediately the window and I cannot maximize it in any way. I am using windows 10, and until today I was using the tool without problem. Has anybody experience something similar?
    Thanks in advance

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    Terminal comes back to the size it was when it was last closed.

    Do you know how it got this way?

    I have tried to recreate this and the only way I can appear to do it is edit the registry and put in artificially large numbers for left and/or top

    Start regedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\4DLabs\Terminal

    Right click the key and click export, save this file, zip it up and attache it here, so we can try and get an idea about how this situation came about.

    Change the values of top and left to 0, and then you should be able to see terminal again


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      Thanks Mark,
      After changing TOP and LEFT values to 0, I was able to see the window terminal again after opening it. It was floating in one corner, minimised as a small bar. I press in the maximized button and everything comes back to normal size. I am also attaching the zip file with register values.
      Best regards
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        Hmm, so top and left both effectively -32000 and height a mere 39, be nice to know how that happened?

        Could it have been on a secondary monitor that got removed under unusual circumstances?

        Normally, being on a normal secondary monitor would just lead to higher than normal x values 'only'