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write object, read error if display not sending ACK?

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  • Danica
    Hi Kasper

    Normally, genie library doesn’t show an ACK because it directly handles the ViSi Genie Protocol. The easiest method to verify the incoming data would be to use a logic analyzer or UART listener. Another option would be using the The functions used by this library waits until an ACK or NAK is received and return 1 or 0 depending on the result. However, please consider that this library is currently on its beta stages and therefore you may experience some issues when using it instead of the current one.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,

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  • write object, read error if display not sending ACK?

    Hi guys.
    How can i trace if display is not returning ack after writing to an object?

    Im using visigenie lib so the ack function is inside the library.

    I just wanna trace under developing if display starts nokt acknowledging the write commands.