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Does Diablo16 support 8-bit Displays?

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  • Does Diablo16 support 8-bit Displays?


    I'm new to this forum and also with 4D Systems products and technologies. I odered some display to play around with the Diablo16 and Picaso processors. However, I was thinking to buy a couple of Diablo16 chips from Arrow and build a custom board around the ST7687S controller, which has an 8080 8-bit interface.

    The candidate is a display from AliExpress:

    I tried to find information about compatible displays but I didn't found anything relevant, I guess !

    Before I spend about US$40.00 in components, I would like to know if someone of you guys could share some experiences regarding custom boards.

    Is is possible to use the Diablo16 with 8-bit display?

    Do I need to program a custom driver for the ST7687S or the Diablo16 is smart enough to handle the signalling directly?

    Any further information will be very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello japi81,

    Welcome to the forum!

    We're actually producing a similar display.

    Here's the link to our uLCD-220RD:

    Would there be any reason for not trying this out instead?

    This would be much more time and cost efficient than building one on your own. Additionally, our display actually has a larger Active Area than your candidate display.

    Is is possible to use the Diablo16 with 8-bit display?
    As exhibited by our uLCD-220RD, yes Diablo16 could support 8-bit displays.

    On later revisions of this module, we've upgraded to a 16-bit display so it might be hard to find the older revisions with the 8-bit display.

    This upgrade results to a slghtly better performance than having an 8-bit display.

    Best Regards,
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