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  • String Problem

    Hello Everyone,

    i Want to do is Whenever i Pressing the Button onto the String Some Names And Value is to be Display on Screen And they are Rotate and moving one by one How Can i do it.
    i.e. i want a table like
    Name Value
    xyz 123
    abc 456
    they are moved one by one
    Best Regards,
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    Hello Seggi,

    If you don't mind, can you clarify on what you mean by rotate and moving?
    Is it similar to the image shown below?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	clockwise.jpg
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    If not, can you please tell more about it or else provide me with an illustration that would help me understand?

    Best regards,



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      Hello kavyen

      Yes, you are understand right.
      i want to rotating in a clockwise direction.

      Best Regards,


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        Hello Seggi,

        Thank you for the information.

        In regards to your concern, I have attached two sample of the project.

        For the second sample, it used a magic event to manipulates string(this requires a PRO version of WS4 but you can also try the trial version)

 ViSi Environment) ViSi-Genie Environment)

        Hopefully, this will help you.

        Best regards,

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          Hi, i have an issue with uLcd70-DT. When i reserve some space for some arrays and variables, the program crashs or has strange behaviour depending by allocation space order.
          Quite often some data and some arrays, used as string buffer, gets corrupt. It seems like the compiler not assigns correctly the ram areas and there is a overlap of them.
          Actually i used about 21KB of ram on 32KB, reported by the compiler. For me is a big problem because i need a large buffer ,almost 14KB, to store a LOG data in real time. When the buffer is only partially filled, only 1000/2000 byte. some other arrays get corrupt. I have tried with mem_alloc() and the problem is the same. Please help me to solve the matter.


          Best Regards
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            Hello Antonio,

            Have you tried to use the available flashbank of the Diablo16
            or else store a LOG data on the SD card using FAT16 File Functions?

            This would resolve the problem raises in storing large multiple of value on RAM.

            You can send me your code here: kayven at 4dsystems dot com dot au and I'll check for it.

            For your references, I have attached two sample of demo project for the implementation of Flash Memory Chip Functions and FAT16 File Functions.

   (Using Flash Memory Chip Function).
   (Using FAT16 File Functions).

            If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

            Best regards,

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              Hi Kayven,
              the application runs in electrical noisy enviroment and the data is stored every 100 ms. i' m afraid to corrupt flash or SD card.
              Also i write several hundred of LOG for week, and flash has limited writing cycle of course.

              I would like to know why using only 22KB on 32KB of user RAM other ram areas became corrupt.

              I send the full project to Paul, i hope in the solving of matter.


              Best Regards.
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              • pauleilio
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                Yes I received it yesterday, thanks Antonio, I will be going through it today.