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    Ahhh. finally. I have something to post

    I've been at it a while, and i had some free time recently, so i decided to work some more on my project.

    Basically my goal is to turn the neat little PMD2 i have into a kind of external display for your computer. Plug it into USB, and a resident program on your computer will display things on it, stocks, temperature, fan, weather, email notifications, whatever you want. Nothing particularly fancy. It's kind of like that Asus Screen-Duo ( ) that was floating around a while back, but better

    Well, i wanted to start simple, so i thought to start with GPU and CPU temperatures. I'm interested in both those, and even though i have dual screen configuration, some programs/games will either use or make the second screen blank. Kinda crappy if you really want to see how things are going. Anyway, two good programs for monitoring these are GPUZ( ) and CoreTemp ( ), and luckily they provide an interface to access them. Anyways.. i won't bore you any further.. Here is a screenshot of what it kind of looks like

    It's written in Java, and i've attached the jar and the source to this post if you want to play with it.

    If you wish to run it, you'll need a USB connection to your display, the D2XX drivers ( ), GPUZ and CoreTemp, installed and running. Then plug in your PMD2 screen (it might even work with the PMD3, dunno). Then unzip the "" file, open a command line there and type:

    HTML Code:
    java -jar gidget.jar
    That's it. It should start displaying data straight away.
    My main idea for the project was to run it on the LCD display, but during development i made the program able to draw to the local screen using a JFrame. If you don't have a screen, you can run the program in local display mode (you won't need a PMD2) by typing:
    java -jar gidget.jar -emulator

    Now all i need to do is find someone who can do plastic extrusion so i can make a nice looking case/cover for it and, when i get a hold of a ยตLCD-32032-P1T, i'll make it so it has buttons you can press to change the graphs
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    This is awesome, I'm going to give it a go; I just figured out that those modules would fit nicely on my case what a show for the LAN parties

    Anyway, have you used the serial platform ? I'm thinking of trying it with other modules as well such as the uLCD 32032 P1T and using the touchscreen as well. That could be a nice extension.
    How did you access the serial port with Java ? I was thinking about using Java for SerialIO a while ago but it needed an extra framework off


    EDIT: I see what you did great job ! I'm still looking for a more general SerialIO library though, since that one is specific of FTDI chips.


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      If you want to access the serial ports directly in java this: would be your best bet.