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IOD-09 1-Wire library / example

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  • IOD-09 1-Wire library / example

    Hello, please help me.
    Is there any example available for this display module ? My 1-wire device is connected to GPIO16 pin of IoD-09 module. I am not sure If I should use arduino OneWire library, or there is special customized verzion for this module .
    There is written in datasheet , on page 9 section 6.5 :
    " .... for communicating with Delas 1-wire compatible devices. A library for the IoD-09 has been created to aid using this communication bus type ."
    But I am not able to find any documentation neither library for details.

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    There is a library for the IoD which I have attached at the bottom. Unfortunately there isn't any examples in the library but you may be able to follow examples from the standard library

    Other pins can be used on the IoD-09 with the standard Arduino One-wire library if you prefer.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards

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    • LuRa
      LuRa commented
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      Thank you. It works well. Just one-two suggestions for future improvement. The communication is hard-coded to pin 16, no need to pass pin as parameter into init procedure (GFX4dWire(uint8_t pin)) once everything later is done via pin 16. Or / accept this parameter generally as pin for communication an replace hard-coded pin 16 with this one passed into init procedure. But this is just comment, again, thank you for help.

    • pauleilio
      pauleilio commented
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      Thank you for the feedback, yes that needs to be altered I will look into it to see if there is a benefit of selecting other pins. It is designed specifically for GPIO16 so it may just make sense to remove the passing of the parameter into the init.