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4DCAPE43T Can't reach edges of screen & Window sizing issue

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  • 4DCAPE43T Can't reach edges of screen & Window sizing issue

    Hi there!

    I'm using the 4DCAPE43-t and have finally been able to make it display the desktop interface. I'm having two issues.

    Issue 1) The touch screen is somewhat accurate (cursor goes close to where you touch) but for some reason, the screen cannot detect near the outer 0.75cm around the screen. This means that I cannot access the task-bar, menu options or minimise windows without a mouse. Several older threads suggest going into MENU > PREFERENCES > CALIBRATE TOUCH to calibrate the screen but I can't find that option. I'm also not exactly sure about how to use the terminal to edit configs. I'm using the latest image of Debian (9.4 LXQT).

    Issue 2) I've been digging around in the preinstalled user interface and I've noticed that some windows do not fit the screen. this results in some functions being unavailable (Can't reach the bottom of menus, select certain settings, save changes). Scrolling with the mouse does not seem to work, neither is there any graphical setting to fit the windows to the screen. In the pictures attached, I cannot access important parts of this window because of this error.

    Any idea how to alleviate these issues?
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    Hi Jeremy,

    You can calibrate your screen with xinput-calibrator. You can do this by running this command:
    sudo apt-get install xinput-calibrator
    After installing, please see your Preferences if you got the “Calibrate Touchscreen” option already and proceed with the calibration.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	xinputcalibrator.png Views:	1 Size:	3.57 MB ID:	64674
    If you’re not able to see the new “Calibrate Touchscreen” option, then you can open a new terminal window and run the following code:
    NOTE: This should be run from the terminal of Beaglebone itself and not from Putty.

    With regards to the Window Resizing, those windows have a predefined size that’s why you can’t “scroll” towards the bottom, but you can actually “Move” a window to the top in order to show what’s in the bottom part of the window. Just right click the top left corner of the window and choose Move.

    A short demonstration of moving the window can be found here:

    Hope this helps and Best Regards,
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