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GEN4-4DCAPE-70CT-CLB - current drawn / touch screen usage freezes Debian

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  • GEN4-4DCAPE-70CT-CLB - current drawn / touch screen usage freezes Debian


    An earlier specimen of that display I had, together with the Beagle Bone Black, drew pretty much barely 1 Amp, with backlight at default setting (I didn't change anything).

    Then I got another one of those displays, and now things draw about 1.5 ... 1.62 A. The touch surface does get hand-warm. I did not change any settings like e.g. brightness.
    Is this normal?
    How is it possible that the "old" display only drew 1.0 A (with beagle)? (same beagle, same Debian image)

    I'm asking this to narrow down the problem I'm having:

    With that display - but it may not be the only change between the setups - the Beagle/Debian will freeze ("forever"),
    after monkeying around on the touch screen for a few minutes.
    Interestingly, if I connect a mouse and use that, and do not touch the screen at all, I can do all the crazy things on my GUI program, the Beagle will not freeze.
    Seems to take the touch screen to get to that state.

    Has anyone ever seen such an oddity or has an idea what it could be?

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    Hello sk

    Sorry to hear you have an issue with your latest display module.

    Can you please raise this as a support ticket from our website, and submit photos of the back of the PCB showing the components, and we can have this verified to see if there is anything untoward with the unit you have.



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      So is the current consumption or any other thing I mentioned (besides obviously that it hangs) clearly "not normal"? Would be helpful to know, regardless of what happens now.

      I'll send a pic to support.
      This is already a unit we got from DigiKey as a replacement some weeks back, though, I hope they wouldn't find that funny.
      The "old" display, interestingly, seems to "kinda work" - with the cape of this "new" display here, but Beagle/Debian will only start into the Desktop & turn on display "4 of 5 times" or so with that, and every couple times not. This new display here so far always boots properly, but has the touchscreen problems described above. Same HW rev., 180% the current, just rechecked.