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Some questions (index and umage attributes)

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  • Some questions (index and umage attributes)

    A few questions (referring to Diablo Internal Functions Manual rev 2)

    img_SetAttributes(handle, index, value)
    img_ClearAttributes(handle, index, value)

    1) index - Index of the images in the list. Where can I find more information about what this means to me
    and how I can use this?

    2) Image attribute flags - Where can I find more information regarding this?
    Why is there no flag for I_TOUCH_ENABLE? Why is I_TOUCH_DISABLE used to enable touch

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    First off, when you create a ViSi project, you would see that the variable 'hndl' is already defined and commented out.

    This is done for ease of usage, however, 'hndl' is a user-defined variable and you're still pretty much free to use it however you want.

    ViSi Input Objects

    If you would check that application note, you'll see that the variable 'hndl' is often used in place of the handle parameter.

    this is because 'hndl' was previously defined to be the pointer to the image list created by file_LoadImageControl().

    In this particular Application Note, if you would open, you'll be able to see an image list (you could also see this in the associated .dat file).

    Every object used in that project could be found on that list, and are indexed based on the order of their creation.

    The first created object would appear at the top of the list and the last at the bottom.

    The index parameter is used to determine which object on that list should be affected by a certain function.

    The img_ClearAttributes function is supposed to "Clear various image attribute flags in an image control entry" based on its description.

    This is why "img_ClearAttributes(handle, index, I_TOUCH_DISABLE)" is used to enable touch, it clears the I_TOUCH_DISABLE flag.

    You could always consult the application notes for more information on this.

    Application Notes:

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      Thanks, I will read this through tonight.