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Writing or reading objects on inactive FORMS?

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  • Writing or reading objects on inactive FORMS?


    Is there a good practice for grouping your Read / write commands relating to Active/inactive FORMS?.

    I got 7 FORMS and are in doubt if its okay to write to objects wich is not currently active?.

    an example.

    FORM4+5 holding 5 Sliders each, which get their preset value on startup from the host controler EEProm (Arduino). should I open FORMS before writing?

    In general i doesnt make sense to read/write to objects which are not active, so is the best way to read the active FORM number and the group your objects according the FORM number?


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    Hi Kasper,

    I would recommend you to store the current form to a variable that whenever it activates, the widgets on that form can be written on and may display the values. Thus, writing on widgets that aren’t active is still possible since the object index would be different in each widget.

    Best Regards,