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Using a keyboard on A IoD-32T

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    hello, you can not use the keyboard but now the winbuttom has stopped working, I realized that the following line is the problem:
    gfx.imageTouchEnable (-1, true);
    if I include this line in SETUP the keyboard works but the winbuttoms do not. and if I do not include this line, the opposite happens, winbuttoms work but keyboard does not work. If anyone knows any solution, I thank you. I attach the program used. thank you
    I am using the files that PEARL uploaded before.
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      Hi Franco,

      Ideally gfx.imageTouchEnable() should be used per object that you want to enable. gfx.imageTouchEnable(-1, false) is a handy command to set all objects to touch disabled and then just re-enable just the objects you need to singularly.

      If for example you had a form background and a button on top of this background and you used gfx.imageTouchEnable(-1, true) then the background image which may be before the button in its created order, would have touch enabled. The routine that checks for image touched would find that the the background image would be touched and return only that index and not the button so the correct way to do it would be to have touch disabled on the background image and touch enabled on the button.

      In the keyboard example you will notice that the background image of the keyboard is disabled to allow the buttons of the keyboard to work.

      gfx.imageTouchEnable(-1, true) ;
      gfx.UserImages(iKeyboard1,0) ; // Keyboard1 show initialy, if required
      gfx.imageTouchEnable(iKeyboard1, false) ;

      I hope this helps

      Best regards



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        PauI thank you for the information. I was able to solve this problem but I found a new one. I'm using a first screen with some winbuttoms and some leddigits. After pressing one of them, I delete the screen using the Cls command and show a large keyboard. the problem that I have is that in the place that the keyboard occupies (although it is not showing it) it cancels me to be able to use the winbuttoms, I do not know if you can understand me. as if the space where you place the winbuttom was reserved. or I'm not knowing how to declare more than one screen. Thank you very much!