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62 kb/s comms and smart editor help

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  • 62 kb/s comms and smart editor help

    Hi all

    I've been using 4D displays for simple stuff for several years. This project is a multiple-learning experience for me so I'm reaching out.

    I wish to use a Diablo display to control a legacy piece of equipment of which the control head notoriously fails. The Diablo seems to have what it takes to run the equipment but I'm not finding some things in the docs so I have a few questions. If the answers are in the docs please point me there. If I have started this in the wrong forum please move it where it belongs.

    First the device talks at 62 kb/s. I'm assuming I want to use Genie for the Magic but I can't figure out where to find documentation on changing to odd comm speeds. A pointer to docs explaining how to configure odd comm speeds would be much appreciated.

    Second, I can't for the life of me find how to open the smart widget editor. I've found all sorts of docs to use it, but I must not have something set up right. The video is fast forward and I can't quite see where he brings it up.

    Third, I have the Pro license installed but I can't tell if I have or -

    I downloaded the update and installed it, rebooted but still shows the latest version in red, making me think it's not installed? Could that be why I can't find the smart editor or am I just noobingly missing that somewhere?

    I haven't started writing any code yet, still reading and trying to settle on which environment. I definitely need to communicate at 62 kb/s and would like to try the smart editor for our design.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or direction.

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    It seems that the file that you’ve uploaded is corrupted. Can you reupload the file so that I can view it?

    I have made a Sample Video for you to follow with regards to your two concerns. The first part is changing the COM SPEED to the standard ones. Using this won’t achieve your 62kb/s, so you would be needing a magicCode to use the com_SetBaud function documented in the Diablo16 Processor Internal Functions Reference Manual. More information about using magicCode can be read in this appnote: and this thread:

    You may check if your Worskop4 is licensed by going to Options > License. There should be a text in bold saying “Workshop PRO is licensed.”
    Click image for larger version

Name:	licensed.PNG
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Size:	116.1 KB
ID:	64883
    Could you also include a screen capture of the red version color that you're referring to?

    Don’t hesitate to ask if you need more clarifications.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


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      Well I had posted the screen shots you asked for in png format, here they are in jpg -

      Click image for larger version

Name:	licensed.jpg
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      It's licensed ... but the version? I again downloaded the latest version and installed it. It says it completed without error. But it looks like I have a 'local' version older than the release?

      Click image for larger version

Name:	version.jpg
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ID:	64912

      I finally realized one has to save a name to begin the smart editor, that was a little less than intuitive but makes sense.

      Thanks for the pointers to the docs, no doubt after reading i will have more questions ;]


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        The current version of your Workshop can be checked in the HELP Tab of Workshop4.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	version.PNG
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Size:	293.8 KB
ID:	64915
        Glad that the clip helped you. Don’t hesitate to ask if you’re needing more clarifications.

        Best Regards


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          OK Cool mine says in the help. Still, curious why that red version showed? No matter, I'm where I need to be thanks.

          Believe me, more questions to come!!

          Thanks again, Eran!


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            As you can see in your Options, there is a checkbox for Automatically Download Updates. This allows Workshop4 to download the latest version in the background if you're running an outdated one. This new version is your local version. The next time that you open Workshop4, an update prompt will ask you if you want the latest version to be installed or not, if you decline, then your downloaded version will go and stay to your files and will become your Local Version. This can be seen in your C:\Users\Public\Documents\4D Labs\4DUpdates\New folder. If another update is available and you have downloaded and installed it, then the scenario of having a red local version (the one that stayed in your files) would happen. You can get rid of the red Local version by going to the same folder and delete the file manually.

            Best Regards,