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  • Danica
    Hi Mike,

    The genie.WriteObject function is consist of three parameters, namely: the object, index, and data. As an example, to place values in CustomDigit0, the command line that should be written is
    genie.WriteObject(GENIE_OBJ_CUSTOM_DIGITS, 0, /*value*/);
    Most of the time, the values being sent to the WriteObject function were interrupted by other Events, ReadObject, etc. In your case, the ReportEvents of the WinButtons were not acknowledged due to continuous data on the WriteObject function. To minimize the occurrence of such interruption, use a non-blocking scheduling on writing and reading objects in the display.

    You may refer to the file ‘genieArduino_Demo’ by going to Documents > Arduino > libraries > genieArduino > Examples > genieArduino_Demo. This demo executes the ReadObject and WriteObject functions.

    Best Regards,

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  • zobal
    started a topic Lost Serial Messages

    Lost Serial Messages

    Hi There,

    I'm having an issue, (or several issues) with the communication between my uLCD-43DT and my Arduino Uno. My project has four forms, of which it only uses two based on a configuration setting. Each form has one Scope, and two four CustomDigits, which are updated from the arduino every second. There are also several buttons which send ReportEvents to the arduino. Here is what I'm seeing:

    1. The CustomDigits don't update consistently. It seems as though some of the genie.WriteObject messages are getting lost, though I can see them being sent when debugging.
    2, The ReportEvents don't make it to the arduino's event loop.

    If I run the system without sending the genie.WriteObject calls, the event loop receives and processes the ReportEvents as expected. It's only when there is other communication on the wire that this issue shows up.

    Any thoughts on how I can fix this?