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waterproof sensor + SD card write

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  • waterproof sensor + SD card write


    i am working on a Project that consists of 4duino and waterproof sensor. This sensor are connected to 4duino and the data that the sensor read will be save at SD card. So if there are 10 data, it will save automatically on SD card and can be display the data maybe on microsoft excel.

    Do you know to do this?

    i am very new to this 4duino and i am not really understand the coding.

    Pls help me.

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    Welcome to the forum,

    You may find this Serial Command Reference Manual useful in understanding the commands to read & write to the SD card.

    The file commands are from page 92 onwards.

    On the 4Duino you need to add 'Display.' to the beginning of the function name eg

    int DataFile;
    DataFile := Display.file_Open("data.txt", 'a'); // This will open a file called data.txt in append mode.with DataFile as the handle.

    You will need to decide wether you will be storing the values as numbers 1234 or as strings.

    Display.file_PutS("1234", DataFile); would add 1234 as a string to the opened file DataFile

    I hope this helps

    Best regards