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  • Magic Event Led Blink

    hello everyone,
    Please need a basic help, I am starting with 4DGL code and I need some examples to understand how 4dgl code works, I have added a magic event to my project I only have a button then when I press this button I would like an output Pin blink 10 times, does anybody made this before?

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    In the sample code, I have a button in which I set the the OnChanged events to MagicEvent0.
    Doing this will automatically run the code inside the MagicEvent0. On the MagicEvent0
    I used a for-loop function to blink an led 10 times when I pressed the button which trigger an event.
    Visi genie is usually used when you have a host controller or stand alone.
    If you want to use the processor of your module as your main
    controller you can also try Visi as your environment.
    In our website you can click on the appnotes for additional reference.
    Just type in magic in the search engine for more magic examples.
    For more examples you can also check this link

    I have attached a sample code for you.
    I hope it helps.

    Best regards,
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