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what video codec + bugs in the video importer

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  • what video codec + bugs in the video importer

    I'm using ffmpeg to encode a video for the 4duino PICASSO.
    I understand the PICASSO can only render 10fps, that is acceptable.
    But what I can not get to work is the video import inside the workshop 4 IDE.
    If I use mpeg4 as the video codec inside the AVI, I get the message "Failed" that keeps reappearing more than a hundred times (I thought maybe one error per frame but nope, it just loops) if I click OK. I have to kill the Workshop4 process and reopen it. This happens with every unsupported codec, so it's a bug that forces you to close the IDE if you want to use it again, discarding any unsaved progress.
    If I encode with libx264, I get "an error occured in the application". If I click "continue application", I get "The process can not be executed because the filtersockets
    are not connected ($80040209).
    I made a 1-frame avi with the libx264 codec (test_3.avi) and mpeg4 (test_4.avi) so you can replicate both problems.

    In the meantime: what codecs inside an AVI are (natively) supported by the PICASSO and which ones are the most performant?

    Thank you for your help, in advance!

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    forgot to attatch the sample AVIs. classic.
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      Welcome to the forum.

      The best format to use is a windows .wmv file this will be handled without a problem in workshop 4. The video is decoded frame by frame and stored as RAW contiguous frames so any previous compression is taken out.

      I hope this helps

      Best regards



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        ahh, so before uploading the workshop IDE' Image Compositor takes the video file and converts it to single frames to send to the 4duino. I understand.
        The source files of my animation are TIFFs, is there a way to supply the IDE the uncompressed frames in the first place? No problem if there isn't!
        Thank you for your suggestion!
        By now I have gotten the video import to work. I needed to use the wmv2 codec and the .wmv container, although the sample video in the examples used wmv3 (ffmpeg has no encoder for this), so both of these work.
        But the bugs I wrote about above still exist. The IDE pooping itself when you try to import a video file with the wrong codec is not nice.
        Just download the, it has two AVIs inside that cause both bugs.

        A further question: Am I correct in thinking that you need to use the Arduino to increment the shown frames on the PICASSO? Or is there a way to create, start and stop a timer on the picasso via serial to increment the frames there?