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30 pin connector pins- Peer Check Please

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  • 30 pin connector pins- Peer Check Please

    Thanks in advance to those more comfortable with these than I. Looking for a few sets of eyes to make sure I didnt miss anything.
    I have been using my Picaso display for a while in a breadboard setup but finally transitioning to a printed board that will have a 30 pin connector for the FFC.

    I am using the following I/O functions:
    Bus 0
    Bus 1
    Bus 6
    and I2C com.

    I just want to make sure I have this portion of the schematic correct as I cut the cord from using the 4D-UPA. Next board I would like to incorporate the USB to reprogram without removing from the board, but baby steps for now

    Click image for larger version

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    Hello Scott,

    I have checked it and your schematic is correct, there's no reason to doubt as shown below:

    Click image for larger version

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      Thank you very much Kayven! After 2 days of troubleshooting the issue on a different board, I wanted to make sure I didn't miss something.
      Now I do have a few questions regarding adding the USB programming ability to my next board, using the schematic in the UPA datasheet.

      I van follow that RES on the schematic goes to pin 22 of the display with a 68 ohm resistor, pin 20(RX) of the CP2104 goes to pin 24(TX0) of the display with a 68 ohm resistor, and pin 21(TX) of the CP2104 goes to pin 23(RX0) of the display again with a 68 ohm resistor.

      1)What is done with pins 18 and 19 of the CP2104(CTS and RTS). Are they just left floating? It is starting to look that way although the schematic doesnt explicity have an X on those pins for N/C.
      2) The 3.3V OUT: This is a 3.3V output generated by the Vdd and Vio pins on the CP2104, correct? And used to drive the reset pin, correct? And NOT a 3.3V voltage source to be supplied from another voltage regulator?

      Click image for larger version

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        You're welcome! Scott.

        1.) Based on the datasheet, pin 18(CTS) is a floating pin while pin 19(RTS) is not. The pin18(CTS) and pin19(RTS) don't have an X because the pin19(RTS) is utilized for IoD and also these pins are used for flow control.

        But, I think you don't need to use a flow control. Thus, these two pins will be ignored.

        2.) Yes, you're correct. The 3.3V is generated by the built-in regulator on the chip but it is not recommended to do it as a source because it's used only for pull-out/in of the pins and has a less current output.

        Best regards,
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