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Displaying temp using visi genie

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  • Displaying temp using visi genie

    Good afternoon, I am stumped and could use some help. I’ve never seen this happen, but I am writing the temp to a Customdigit as calculated by a one wire sensor connected to an Arduino Mega. I am using the ds18b20. My code is very simple based on your example in the app notes. The problem is that it when I first start up the display and the arduino it doesn’t always start on its own. It sometimes needs to be unplugged and restarted. It will then display the temp but every second or so, the digit blinks and it shows 32 degrees, like it’s not connected, then it goes back to the temp again. I’m using the one wire Dallas library on the arduino. I have tried changing where I place in the loop the request to read the sensor, but that doesn’t help. What’s crazy is that if I disconnect the sensor from the arduino pin, the number still jumps from 0 to 32 degrees. I have changed the probe and the pin, without any change. Do you have any ideas, thanks for your help.

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    Hi markl,

    Have you tried to print the values of the sensor reading on your arduino terminal?
    If you pass a floating value on the CustomDigit, it may cause an error.
    The frames on the CustomDigit must be an integer.

    If you'd like you can send a zip file of your project so we can further
    analyze the problem.

    Best Regards,


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      Thanks for getting back to me, I discovered what happened. I was trying to power the display with my USB port along with 2 Arduinos. I think it was too much of a drain. It's working now.


      • John Kevin
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        I am glad that you have resolved your problem.

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      I am trying to send / receive visi genie commands over Bluetooth between a ulcd43dct and an Arduino mega. The way I have tried to do this is to connect a Bluetooth module, not a MOTG, set as the master, to the serial port of the display and another one, as slave, to the mega. I can send commands just fine from the display to the mega, but I am having trouble sending them the other way. I have not been using visigenie until now because I want to print temp data to the display and I am having trouble getting this to work. I also know that I have to reset the display for genie to sync up but don't know how to do this if the display is not connected to an Arduino. Any help would be appreciated.


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        Hi Mark,

        You may be able to do this without a reset by allowing time say 5 seconds, for genie to initialize before sending any data to it. The issue is that being bluetooth, they could very well be powered up at different times and would be hard to control. If the connected bluetooth device sends serial data while genie is initializing, then this will cause an out of sync situation.

        I will do some testing here to see how it performs without a reset.

        Best regards